Eugene & Mae Goodridge
Owner / Operators of Serenity Trucking Inc.
Owners of Serenity sales and Dist.

Gene Goodridge and his wife Mae are Owner Operators with Midwest Coast Transport, Sioux Falls South Dakota.  There home is in Princeton MN where they lived for several years

Gene who has been a trucker for most of his life and born with a curious mind invented the Quick Control Switch System.  For many years we have reached for dash to flash the clearance and headlights.  When electronic engines were built, we reached all the more, now for the engine brake and cruise control switches.

This is when Gene thought there has got to be  an easier and safer way to operate these functions.

The first prototype consisted of a plastic electrical box, attached to the shifter knob with a hose clamp, four switches and a wire harness that connected to the main switches on the dash.  For a year he used this prototype with no problems.

Gene then filed for a patent pending and showed his product to Bill Rush president of Sioux Falls Kenworth.  Fortunately Bill had many contacts and the Quick Control received a new design and was manufactured.  Randy Tucker of Wab Inc. was the design engineer for the switch box which will fit either Eaton or Rockwell shift knobs.  The unit is now a Patented Product.  Patent number is 5519256.

Serenity Sales and Dist. LLC. was formed and is currently now owned by Gene and Mae Goodridge.

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